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On this page you will find an overview of the places I visited to spot and log aircraft in the year 2009. Click on a date to view the movements for that day and location.

2009-12-26EHAMAmsterdam Apt - Schipholca15:25passing by on Motorway
2009-11-14EHAMAmsterdam Apt - Schiphol16:20-ca16:23passing by on Motorway
2009-10-23EHAMAmsterdam Apt - Schipholca17:25-17:40
2009-10-23LEBLBarcelona Intl Aptca12:45-15:30
2009-10-20LEBLBarcelona Intl Apt14:00-14:15
2009-10-20EHAMAmsterdam Apt - Schiphol10:05-12:10
2009-10-17EHAMAmsterdam Apt - Schipholca16:35on viaduct A4
2009-10-17EHAMAmsterdam Apt - Schiphol13:10on viaduct A4
2009-10-13-Amsterdam PTA Veemkadeca14:15on board yacht Samar
2009-09-18EHBDBudel Apt18:30-18:45
2009-09-18EBBLKleine Brögel AB10:30-17:45TIGER MEET
2009-09-18EBLELeopoldsburg - Beverlo AB09:40-09:55preparation for Sanicole Airshow
2009-09-18EBKHBalen - Keiheuvel Apt09:05-09:10
2009-09-13EHAMAmsterdam Apt - Schipholca17:15passing by on Motorway
2009-09-13EHAMAmsterdam Apt - Schipholca15:15passing by on Motorway
2009-08-30EHAMAmsterdam Apt - Schiphol - Oost12:35-13:05also passing by on Motorway
2009-08-16EHAMAmsterdam Apt - Schipholca16:55passing by on Motorway
2009-08-13EHAMAmsterdam Apt - Schiphol20:30-20:45
2009-08-13EGLCLondon City Apt18:05-19:02
2009-08-13EGLCLondon City Apt8:20
2009-08-13EHAMAmsterdam Apt - Schiphol7:05-8:05
2009-08-01EHAMAmsterdam Apt - Schiphol17:22-17:42
2009-08-01LIRPPisa - San Giusto - Galileo Galilei Intl Apt13:25-15:32
2009-07-29LISOMensanello Airfield17:20-17:30
2009-07-29LIQSSiena - Ampugnano Apt16:10-16:35
2009-07-26LIQBArezzo Apt16:45-16:55
2009-07-22LIQBArezzo Aptca17:00-17:55
2009-07-18-Roma Bentivoglioca15:45
2009-07-17LIRURoma - Urbe Apt14:45-15:10
2009-07-16LIRPPisa - San Giusto - Galileo Galilei Intl Apt14:26-14:45
2009-07-16EHAMAmsterdam Apt - Schiphol11:05-12:47
2009-06-20EHVKVolkel AB10:15-18:45Open dag Luchtmacht
2009-06-14EHAMAmsterdam Apt - Schiphol14:45passing by on Motorway
2009-02-21EHAMAmsterdam Apt - Schiphol - Oost16:19-17:00