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This overview summarizes the most common Single Engined a/c that I logged since 1973, grouped by manufacturer, model or family of models. Click, if available, this image for a more detailed picture.

Model familyExample
Beechcraft 17N69H at ETMN 20130817
Beechcraft 23G-AYWS at EHRD 19790417
Beechcraft 36G-BEIK at EHRD 19781021
CEA/Jodel D 11OO-VDS at EHRD 19760926
CEA/Jodel D 20  F-PCMO at LFOY 20170607
CEA/Robin DR300/480F-BXRA at LFPZ 20010113
CEA/Robin HR100/1180F-GBAM at EHRD(2) 19781130
CEA/Robin HR200/2160PH-SVA at EHRD 19800309
Cessna 150PH-AFS[01] at Scheveningen 19830611
Cessna 150 ReimsD-EJAL at EHRD 19830513
Cessna 150A ReimsG-BBEO at EGGW 19780907
Cessna 152 ReimsPH-VSN at EHSE 19810719
Cessna 172D-ELYS at EDWX 20130817
Cessna 172 ReimsG-ASOK at EHRD 19800926
Cessna 172R ReimsD-ENBK at EHRD(2) 19780301
Cessna 177N30940 at EHLE 20020831
Cessna 182OO-FJZ at EHLE 20020831
Cessna 185PH-DUK at EHLE 20020831
Cessna 206PH-SFD at EHRD 19790505
Cessna 210N10242 at EHSE 19830621
Diamond DA-20D-EOWG at EDRT 20020716
Extra EA 300  F-GRVR at LFPA 20100919
Fuji FA.200PH-MBK at EHLE 19760804
Grumman AA5/GA5G-BAVS at EHRD 19781027
Ibis D 01  F-PZIK at LFPA 20100919
JokerF-PTXE at LFPB 19770612
Jurca 2F-PTER at EHRD 19780603
Jurca 5D-EELD at EDXN 20130817
Lancair 360PH-JPR at EHLE 20040904
Lederlin 380LF-PMET at EHRD 19760925
Mooney M20OO-ABS at EBZW 19810717
MP.205 BussardF-PTXT at LFPB 19770612
Mudry Scintex Piel CP 30  F-PRSZ at LFEQ 20100727
Piaggio/FW 149D-EEGD at EHTW 20030621
Pilatus PC. 6HB-FFW at EGLF 19780908
Pilatus PC.12RA-01501 at EKVD 20140622
Piper PA.11/J3OO-GEL at EBDT 19810719
Piper PA.18PH-PDL at EHLE 20020831
Piper PA.24PH-BUS at EHRD 19760925
Piper PA.28OY-BDF at EKRK 19840823
Piper PA.32N9123X at EHHV 20030512
Piper PA.38G-OATS at EGLF 19780908
Potez 60F-PVQB at EHRD 19760926
Poussin AG.02F-PVQO at LFPB 19770612
Rockwell Commander RC/AC 112G-FLPI at EHRD 19810419
Rockwell Commander RC/AC 114G-OIBM at EHLE 20050827
Ruschmeyer R.90D-EECS at EDRT 20020716
Saab 91OO-VOS at EBZH(2) 19810718
Saab MFI.17T-414 at EKKA 20140621
Scheibe SF23D-ECAX at EHTW 20030621
SIAI 260ST-20 at EBBE 20050915
Socata /MS RallyeD-EODI at EDRT 20020716
Socata TB. 9/200PH-AFK at EHLE 20020831
Tipsy  OO-PVA at EHMM 20180602
Under Cubx {2003-05} at EKVJ Museum 20030718
Vans RV 9  F-PSBA at LFRT 20170609
VelocityPH-FUT at EHLE 20040904
Viking DragonflyPH-HBR at EHLE 20020831