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This overview summarizes the most common Ultralights that I logged since 1973, grouped by manufacturer, model or family of models. Click, if available, this image for a more detailed picture.

Model familyExample
Aéro Services  56-NP at LFED 20100727
Aeropro EurofoxPH-4B4 at EHMM 20070915
Aerospool Dynamic 9  PH-4E7 at EHLW 20160611
Air Création GTD-MMZZ at EDXC 20140623
Air Création Tanarg  95-XG at LFPA 20100919
AirLony SkylaneOK-LUO 36 at EHLE 20101120
Alpi Aviation Pioneer  PH-3R6 at EHMM 20180602
Aquilair Biplace  95-YD at LFPA 20100919
ATEC Zephyr  PH-3N2 at EHMM 20180602
Aviasud MistralPH-2R8 at EHLE 20030906
Best Off Skyranger95-UG at LFPB Museum 20100918
BF Technik FK 9D-MRPF at EDXC 20140623
Blackshape Prime BS100  PH-4P2 at EHMM 20180602
Comco Ikarus C22  F-62AMB at EHMM 20180602
Comco Ikarus C42D-MNKP at EDRT 20020716
DynAero MCR-01  95-XP at LFPA 20100919
DynAero MCR-4SF-PADC at LFPB S 20130622
Evektor EV-97 EurostarF-JZIQ/59-DBG at LFQO 20100919
Flight Design CT  95-YO at LFPA 20100919
JMB/Aveko VL-3  PH-4H5 at EHMM 20180602
Kappa KP-2U  PH-3R5 at EHMM 20180602
Pipistrel Alpha  PH-4L7 at EHMM 20180602
Platzer KiebitzD-MHCR at EDXC 20140623
PM Aviation Pegasus QuasarPH-2U2 at EHTW 20030621
Rans S- 6PH-3N1 at EHTW 20030621
Tecnam P 92PH-2V6 at EHLE 20060830
Tecnam P 92RGPH-4D2 at EHDR 20141026
TL-Ultralight 96/2000  PH-3G2 at EHMM 20190601
Ultravia PelicanPH-DOO at EHKD 20070915
WeedhopperOO-502 at EBZH(2) 19810718
X-Air  56-NE at LF2929 20100727
Zenithair CH601PH-3V7 at EHKD 20070915
Zenithair CH701D-MRVA at EDWX 20130817