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This page shows all aircraft I once logged and which I labeled as Westland Lynx. When a bigger picture is available, shown by , click the image.

Z…/330 ?Lynx AH.7c/n: History: XZ229?? o/b HrMs F91 Brazen
Spotted: Rotterdam Parkkade 19830723
XZ... ?Lynx AH.7c/n: Spotted: LFPB 19770612
260SH-14D Lynxc/n: 003History: 260/K[PH]
Spotted: Rotterdam 19780520, Scheveningen 19830611
Picture at: Rotterdam 19780520
XZ229Lynx HAS3SGMc/n: 004FF 19760827
History: (197609)XZ229[G],WFU 201109
Spotted: EHVK 20090620
Picture at: EHVK 20090620
261SH-14D Lynxc/n: 007Spotted: EHKD 20070915
262SH-14D Lynxc/n: 013Spotted: EHKD 20070915
264SH-14B Lynxc/n: 022History: G-17-3,264[PH]
Spotted: EHRD 19800913, EHLW 20060617
Picture at: EHLW 20060617
265SH-14B Lynxc/n: 023History: 265/(K
Spotted: Rotterdam - Parkkade 19780520, EHDL 19780617, EHKD 20070915
Picture at: EHKD 20070915
XZ179Lynx AH.7c/n: 047FF 19780522
History: (197805)XZ179[G],dd 1983
Spotted: EGLF 19780908
266SH-14B Lynxc/n: 076History: o/b HMS Piet Heijn F811{BX26}
Spotted: Rotterdam Parkkade 19830723
Picture at: Rotterdam Parkkade 19830723
XZ248Lynx AH.7c/n: 080FF 19780830
History: (197808)XZ248[G], conv >HAS3S
Spotted: EGLF 19780908
267SH-14D Lynxc/n: 086Spotted: EHKD 20070915
Picture at: EHKD 20070915
268SH-14D Lynxc/n: 105History: G-17-20,268[PH]
Spotted: EHKD 20070915
271SH-14D Lynxc/n: 118Spotted: EHTW 20030621, Rotterdam 20050612
Picture at: EHTW 20030621
272SH-14D Lynxc/n: 124History: G-17-23,272[PH]
Spotted: EHKD 20070915
273SH-14D Lynxc/n: 130History: G-17-20,273[PH]
Spotted: EHKD 20070915
Picture at: EHKD 20070915
274SH-14D Lynxc/n: 137Spotted: EHKD 20070915
276SH-14D Lynxc/n: 174History: G-17-25,276[PH]
Spotted: Harderwijk 20040612
XZ652Lynx AH.7c/n: 193History: (198011)XZ652[G]
Spotted: HoekvHolland 20010623
Picture at: HoekvHolland 20010623
279SH-14D Lynxc/n: 198History: G-17-28,279[PH]
Spotted: EHLE 19930828, EHKD 20070915
Picture at: EHKD 20070915
281SH-14D Lynxc/n: 211History: G-17-30,281[PH]
Spotted: EHKD 20070915, EHVK 20090620
Picture at: EHVK 20090620
283SH-14D Lynxc/n: 219History: G-17-32,283[PH]
Spotted: EHKD 20070915, EHSB NMM 20170906
Picture at: EHKD 20070915
ZD281Lynx AH.7c/n: 304Spotted: EHLE 20040904
Picture at: EHLE 20040904
83+20Super Lynx Mk88A c/n: 388Spotted: ETMN 20130817
Picture at: ETMN 20130817
S-181Super Lynx Mk90B c/n: 411History: ZJ903[G],(201104?)S-191[OY]
Spotted: ETMN 20130817
Picture at: ETMN 20130817
  S-142Super Lynx Mk90Bc/n: 418Spotted: EKKA 20140621
S-142 at EKKA 20140621 | Super Lynx Mk90B
Picture at: EKKA 20140621
  S-134Super Lynx Mk90Bc/n: 425Spotted: EKKA 20140621
S-134 at EKKA 20140621 | Super Lynx Mk90B
Picture at: EKKA 20140621