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This page shows all aircraft I once logged and which I labeled as Tu.154. When a bigger picture is available, shown by , click the image.

RA-85233 ? (833?)TU154 ?c/n: Spotted: LFPG(1) 20031028
LZ-BTATupolev TU-154c/n: 1972A-026 (024?)History: (197205)LZ-BTA
Spotted: EGPF 19780909
Picture at: EGPF 19780909
CCCP-85037Tupolev TU-154c/n: 1973A-037History: (1973)CCCP-85037,(1993?)RA-85037
Spotted: EHAM 19730426
LZ-BTGTupolev TU-154 Ac/n: 1975A-095History: CCCP-85095,LZ-BTG (converted 154A > 154B, when?)
Spotted: EGLL 19780904
LZ-BTMTupolev TU-154 Bc/n: 1977A-209History: (197707)LZ-BTM(2?)
Spotted: EHAM 19820514
LZ-BTOTupolev TU-154 B1c/n: 1978A-258 (82770063?)History: (197802)LZ-BTO
Spotted: EHAM 19820227
CCCP-85286Tupolev TU-154 B1c/n: 1978A-286History: (1978?)CCCP-85286,(1993?)UK-85286
Spotted: EGLL 19780914
HA-LCMTupolev TU-154 B2c/n: 1979A-325History: (2.79) HA-LCM,4K-325
Spotted: EHAM 19810404, EHAM 19820227
CCCP-85365Tupolev TU-154 B2c/n: 1979A-365History: (1979?)CCCP-85365,(1994?)RA-85365,(1998?)LZ-LTB
Spotted: EHAM 19820227
CCCP-85377Tupolev TU-154 B2c/n: 1979A-377History: CCCP-85377,(92) RA-85377
Spotted: EHAM 19810404
Picture at: EHAM 19810404
RA-85658Tupolev TU-154 Mc/n: 89A- 808History: ()CCCP-85658,(199303)RA-85658
Spotted: EHAM(1) 20030911
RA-85833Tupolev TU-154 Mc/n: 96A-1020built 1996
History: (200110)RA85833 (last built 154M
Spotted: LFPG 20030114
Picture at: LFPG 20030114