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This page shows all aircraft I once logged and which I labeled as Transall. When a bigger picture is available, shown by , click the image.

61-MMC-160R Transallc/n: 018History: R18/F-RAMM/61-MM[F],STO 201208 Musée de l'Air
Spotted: LFPB 20130622
Picture at: LFPB S 20130622
  69-022C-160T Transallc/n: 022History: 50+14[D],69-022[TC],PRE
Spotted: Istanbul Museum 20150510
69-022 at Istanbul Museum 20150510 | C-160T Transall
Picture at: Istanbul Museum 20150510
69-033C-160T Transallc/n: 033History: 50+25[D],69-033[TC]
Spotted: EHVK 20090620
Picture at: EHVK 20090620
61-MPC-160R Transall (MBB built)c/n: 044History: KA-207,R44/61-MP[F]
Spotted: xLFPB 19770611, LFPB 19770611
61-MQC-160R Transall (Nord built)c/n: 045History: R45/61-MQ[F]
Spotted: LFPB 19770611, xLFPB 19770612, EGLF 19780908
Picture at: LFPB 19770611
50+36C-160D Transallc/n: 058History: 50+36[D]
Spotted: to EHRD 19810910
61-ZGC-160R Transallc/n: 089History: (1985?)61-ZG/F-RAZG[F]
Spotted: LFPB S 20130622
Picture at: LFPB S 20130622
61-ZPC-160R Transall (MBB built)c/n: 098History: R98/61-ZP[F]
Spotted: LFPB 19770611, xLFPB 19770612
Picture at: LFPB 19770611
50+68C-160D Transallc/n: 105History: 50+68[D]
Spotted: EHTW 20030621
Picture at: EHTW 20030621
50+79C-160D Transallc/n: 116History: (197809?)
Spotted: ETMN 20130817
Picture at: ETMN 20130817
  50+99C-160D Transallc/n: 136Spotted: Museum (D) Speyer 20220804
50+99 at Museum (D) Speyer 20220804 | C-160D Transall
Picture at: Museum (D) Speyer 20220804
  51+01C-160D Transallc/n: 138Spotted: ETNG 20170702
51+01 at ETNG 20170702 | C-160D Transall
Picture at: ETNG 20170702
51+10C-160D Transallc/n: 147History: 51+10[D]
Spotted: EHLW 20060617
Picture at: EHLW 20060617
64-GAC-160R Transallc/n: 201History: (199605?)R201/64-GA[F]
Spotted: EHTW 20030621
Picture at: EHTW 20030621
64-GMC-160R Transallc/n: 216History: (199605?)R231/64-GM[F]
Spotted: EHLW 20060617
Picture at: EHLW 20060617