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This page shows all aircraft I once logged and which I labeled as Sikorsky S76. When a bigger picture is available, shown by , click the image.

PH-NZNSikorsky 76A+c/n: 760042History: N5009V,(198004)PH-NZN,N9007N,F-GILD,LX-HUD,ZS-RKE,D2-EXG,C-FLRQ,VH-XHJ
Spotted: EHRD(1) 19800513, EHRD 19830409, EHAM 19830618
Picture at: EHRD 19830409
D-HOSASikorsky 76A+ Spiritc/n: 760093built 1980
History: (198109)D-HOSA,conv.S76A > S76A+,(199309)G-BVCW,(199502)D-HOSA
Spotted: EDWI 20130817
Picture at: EDWI 20130817
PH-NZOSikorsky 76A Spiritc/n: 760198History: N5419U,(198208)PH-NZO,(198706)N9007Q,(198801)G-BOFB,(199402)VH-LAY,(201303)ZS-RKP
Spotted: EHRD 19830728
Picture at: EHRD 19830728
  N19HFSikorsky 76Bc/n: 760315built 1985
History: N103ME,N800RG,N776JA,N776HF,(200612)N19HF,WFU 201901
Spotted: K6N5 20140714
N19HF at K6N5 20140714 | Sikorsky 76B
Picture at: K6N5 20140714
PH-NZZSikorsky 76Bc/n: 760316Spotted: EHKD 20070915
Picture at: EHKD 20070915
PH-NZSSikorsky 76c/n: 760325Spotted: EHKD 20070915
Picture at: EHKD 20070915
PH-NZTSikorsky 76c/n: 760326Spotted: EHKD 20070915
Picture at: EHKD 20070915
PH-NZUSikorsky 76Bc/n: 760329Spotted: EHKD 20070915
Picture at: EHKD 20070915
PH-NZVSikorsky 76Bc/n: 760336History: to EHAM fire-dump
Spotted: EHKD 20070915
Picture at: EHKD 20070915
  -Sikorsky 76Bc/n: 760336History: PH-NZV,WFU to ROC Hoofddorp,(201810)EHAM fire dump
Spotted: EHAM 20190906
x {2019-06} at EHAM 20190906 | Sikorsky 76B
Picture at: EHAM 20190906
PH-NZWSikorsky 76Bc/n: 760381Spotted: EHKD 20070915
Picture at: EHKD 20070915
  D-HHNHSikorsky 76B Spiritc/n: 760395History: (201101)D-HHNH
Spotted: EDWE 20130816
D-HHNH at EDWE 20130816 | Sikorsky 76B Spirit
Picture at: EDWE 20130816
D-HOSFSikorsky 76B Spiritc/n: 760413History: N5006B,(19906)D-HOSF
Spotted: EDWI 20130817
Picture at: EDWI 20130817
D-HMGXSikorsky 76c/n: 760710History: N2540D,D-HMGX
Spotted: LIQS 20090729
Picture at: LIQS 20090729