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This page shows all aircraft I once logged and which I labeled as Nord 260/262. When a bigger picture is available, shown by , click the image.

F-BKRHMax Holste 260Ac/n:  3History: F-BKRH,F-AZRH (converted 260 Super Broussard > 260A, when?)
Spotted: EGKK 19780906
16Nord N 262Ac/n:  16Spotted: LFPB Museum 20100918
Picture at: LFPB Museum 20100918
OY-BDDNord 262A-15c/n:  21History: (1971) OY-BDD,(1994) TG-ANP
Spotted: EKCH 19840822
Picture at: EKCH 19840822
OY-BCONord 262A-27c/n:  33History: (1967) OY-BCO,(1977) N274A
Spotted: EHAM 19760803, EHAM 19760806, EHAM 19760809
OY-BLVNord 262A-30c/n:  37History: (1976) OY-BLV,(1978) N275A
Spotted: EHAM 19761228
F-BPNUNord 262A-32c/n:  38History: F-WOFA,F-BPNU
Spotted: LFPB 20030622
53Nord 262Ac/n:  53History: (F-RBOF)
Spotted: EHRD 19810318
Picture at: EHRD 19810318
F-BYCTNord 262C-67 Fregattec/n: 104History: F-ODBT,F-BYCT,Fr.Navy
Spotted: xLFPB 19770611, LFPB 19770612
Picture at: LFPB 19770612