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This page shows all aircraft I once logged and which I labeled as NHI NH90. When a bigger picture is available, shown by , click the image.

-NH90 mock-upc/n:  xSpotted: LFPB 20030622
-NH90 mock-upc/n:  xSpotted: LFPB 20030622
  RN-04NH90-NFHc/n: /NBEN04History: 98+55,RN04
Spotted: LFRG 20170607
RN-04 at LFRG 20170607 | NH90-NFH
Picture at: LFRG 20170607
MM81520NH90-TTHc/n: 1010History: (200803)MM81520/EI-203
Spotted: LIRU 20090717
Picture at: LIRU 20090717
CSX81579NH90-NFHc/n: 1024/HITN03History: 3-03 / H27 (Paris Airshow)
Spotted: EHVK 20090620
Picture at: EHVK 20090620
CSX81697NH90c/n: 1088/NNLN01History: CSX81697/N-088[PH]
Spotted: EHKD 20070915
Picture at: EHKD 20070915
MM81540NH90-NFHc/n: 1141/GITA24History: MM81540/EI-223
Spotted: LFPB S 20130622
Picture at: LFPB S 20130622
N-175NH90-NFHc/n: 1175/NNLN05Spotted: ETMN 20130817
Picture at: ETMN 20130817
F-MEADNH90-TTHc/n: 1273History: (201212?)EAD/F-MEAD[F]
Spotted: LFPB S 20130622
Picture at: LFPB S 20130622
  RN-07NH90-TTHc/n: 1297/TBEA03Spotted: EHLW 20160611
RN-07 at EHLW 20160611 | NH90-TTH
Picture at: EHLW 20160611
  RN-08NH90-TTHc/n: 1305/TBEA04History: F-ZKBA,(201401?)RN08[OO]
Spotted: EHTX 20180804
RN-08 at EHTX 20180804 | NH90-TTH
Picture at: EHTX 20180804
  N-325NH90-NFHc/n: 1325/NNLN18History: N-325[PH]
Spotted: EHLW 20160611
N-325 at EHLW 20160611 | NH90-NFH
Picture at: EHLW 20160611
  N-326NH90-NFHc/n: 1326/NNLN19History: CSX..,(201509)N-326[PH]
Spotted: EHRD 20160903
N-326 at EHRD 20160903 | NH90-NFH
Picture at: EHRD 20160903
  F-MEAYNHIndustries NH90 TTHc/n: 1338History: F-MEAY/EAY[F]
Spotted: LFPB 20190621
F-MEAY at LFPB 20190621 | NHIndustries NH90 TTH
Picture at: LFPB 20190621