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This page shows all aircraft I once logged and which I labeled as McD F-4 Phantom. When a bigger picture is available, shown by , click the image.

  150628McDonnell F4H-1 Phantomc/n:  286History: NK-101,F4H-1 convtd F-4N,PRE USS Intrepid
Spotted: Intrepid 20140714
150628 at Intrepid 20140714 | McDonnell F4H-1 Phantom
Picture at: Intrepid 20140714
63-7421McDonnell F-4C-16-MC Phantomc/n:  358History: 63-7421/SA
Spotted: Hermeskeil 20020722
  153072McDonnell EF-4C-16-MC Phantomc/n:  364History: 63-7423[N],WFU 1991 Zweibrücken,PRE as 153072/1 Blue Angels c/s
Spotted: Museum (D) Speyer 20220804
153072 at Museum (D) Speyer 20220804 | McDonnell EF-4C-16-MC Phantom
Picture at: Museum (D) Speyer 20220804
  63-7446McDonnell F-4C-17-MC Phantomc/n:  413Spotted: Museum (D) Speyer 20220804
63-7446 at Museum (D) Speyer 20220804 | McDonnell F-4C-17-MC Phantom
Picture at: Museum (D) Speyer 20220804
63-7583McDonnell F-4C-19-MC Phantomc/n:  635Spotted: Hermeskeil 20020722
Picture at: Hermeskeil 20020722
  64-0922McDonnell F-4C-25-MC Phantom IIc/n: 1401built 1964
Spotted: LF2923 20100727
64-0922 at LF2923 20100727 | McDonnell F-4C-25-MC Phantom II
Picture at: LF2923 20100727
  67-0360McDonnell Douglas F-4E-36-MC Phantomc/n: 3234History: FMS 67-0360,PRE
Spotted: Istanbul Museum 20150510
67-0360 at Istanbul Museum 20150510 | McDonnell Douglas F-4E-36-MC Phantom
Picture at: Istanbul Museum 20150510
  68-0313McDonnell Douglas F-4E-37-MC Phantomc/n: 3335History: 68-0313,PRE LTAN gate guard
Spotted: LTAN 20150507, LTAN(1) 20150508
68-0313 at LTAN 20150507 | McDonnell Douglas F-4E-37-MC Phantom
Picture at: LTAN 20150507
68-0405McDonnell Douglas F-4E-38-MC Phantomc/n: 3508History: 68-0405/CR,(199108)68405[SX]
Spotted: EHSB 19740724
68-0412McDonnell Douglas F-4E-39-MC Phantomc/n: 3519History: 68-0412/CR,(199108)68412[SX]
Spotted: EHSB 19740724
68-0413McDonnell Douglas F-4E-39-MC Phantomc/n: 3521History: 68-0413/CR,68-0413[HL]
Spotted: EHSB 19740724
68-0587McDonnell Douglas RF-4C-39-MC Phantomc/n: 3566History: 68-0587/SW[N],WFU 1991 Zweibrücken,PRE
Spotted: Hermeskeil 20020722
  68-0590McDonnell Douglas RF-4C-39-MC Phantomc/n: 3579History: 68-0590/SW[N],WFU 1991 Zweibrücken,PRE 2003(?) Brussels
Spotted: Museum Brussels 20220911
68-0590 at Museum Brussels 20220911 | McDonnell Douglas RF-4C-39-MC Phantom
Picture at: Museum Brussels 20220911
68-0444McDonnell Douglas F-4E-39-MC Phantomc/n: 3581History: 68-0444/CR,(199110)68444[SX]
Spotted: EHDL 19730630, to EHRD 19740517
69-0237McDonnell Douglas F-4E-42-MC Phantomc/n: 3758History: 69-0237/CR,conv > F-4G,(199108)FP0731 AMARC,(199803)69-0237/AF186 as QF-4G,WO 20010207 after t/o Tyndall AFB
Spotted: EHSB 19740724
69-0239McDonnell Douglas F-4E-42-MC Phantomc/n: 3761History: 69-0239/CR,conv > F-4G,(199101)FP0607 AMARC,conv > QF-4G,(199804)69-0239/AF188,expended 2000?
Spotted: EHSB 19740724
69-0367McDonnell Douglas RF-4C-43-MC Phantomc/n: 3853History: 69-0367/ZR,PRE Goodfellow AFB
Spotted: EHSB 19760619
Picture at: EHSB 19760619
35+72McDonnell Douglas RF-4E-47-MC Phantomc/n: 4164History: 69-7519[FMS],35+72[D]
Spotted: EHDL 19730630
37+07McDonnell Douglas F-4F-52-MC Phantomc/n: 4359History: 72-1117[FMS],37+07[D],scrapped
Spotted: EHLE 19930828
37+24McDonnell Douglas F-4F-53-MC Phantomc/n: 4405History: 72-1134[FMS],37+24[D]
Spotted: EHLE 19930828
  01501McDonnell Douglas F-4E Phantom (AUP)c/n: 4443History: FMS 72-1501
Spotted: ETNG 20170702
01501 at ETNG 20170702 | McDonnell Douglas F-4E Phantom (AUP)
Picture at: ETNG 20170702
37+79McDonnell Douglas F-4F-56-MC Phantomc/n: 4544Spotted: EHLW 20060617
Picture at: EHLW 20060617
  73-1021McDonnell Douglas F-4E-2020 Phantomc/n: 4558History: FMS 73-1021
Spotted: LTAN 20150507, LTAN(1) 20150508
73-1021 at LTAN 20150507 | McDonnell Douglas F-4E-2020 Phantom
Picture at: LTAN 20150507
37+88McDonnell Douglas F-4F-56-MC Phantomc/n: 4570History: 72-1198[FMS],37+88[D]
Spotted: EHTW 20030621
Picture at: EHTW 20030621
  73-1046McDonnell Douglas F-4E-2020 Phantomc/n: 4677History: FMS 73-1046
Spotted: LTAN 20150507, LTAN(1) 20150508
73-1046 at LTAN 20150507 | McDonnell Douglas F-4E-2020 Phantom
Picture at: LTAN 20150507
74-0650McDonnell Douglas F-4E-60-MC Phantomc/n: 4801History: 74-0650/CR,(199106)FP0704 AMARC
Spotted: EHSB 19760619
Picture at: EHSB 19760619
74-1052McDonnell Douglas F-4E-61-MC Phantomc/n: 4837History: 74-1052/CR,(199204)FP0846 AMARC,(199.)conv. > QF-4E,74-1052/AF233
Spotted: EHSB 19760619
74-1053McDonnell Douglas F-4E-61-MC Phantomc/n: 4838History: 74-1053/CR[N],(198912)FP0395 AMARC
Spotted: EHDL 19780617
Picture at: EHDL 19780617
  71750McDonnell Douglas F-4E Phantom (AUP)c/n: 5016History: FMS 77-1750
Spotted: ETNG 20170702
71750 at ETNG 20170702 | McDonnell Douglas F-4E Phantom (AUP)
Picture at: ETNG 20170702