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This page shows all aircraft I once logged and which I labeled as McD /DC-4. When a bigger picture is available, shown by , click the image.

NL-316Douglas C-54A-5-DOc/n:  7488History: (194405)42-107469[N],(1946)NC53103,(194811)PI-C102,(195107)HS-POE,(195809)HS-TSA,(1958)107469[HS],(1966)VQ-ZEF,(1968)A2-ZEF,(197201)ZS-IPR,(198104)6906[ZS],(199510)ZS-IPR,(199706)(PH-DDY),parts to PH-DDS,STO EHAM,200303 to Aviodrome as NL-316
Spotted: EHLE Aviodrome 20060106, EHLE 20060830
Picture at: EHLE Aviodrome 20060106
PH-DDYDouglas C-54A-5-DOc/n:  7488History: SEE: NL-316
Spotted: EHLE 20030906
Picture at: EHLE 20030906
42-72683Douglas C-54D Skymasterc/n: 10788History: MDAP 42-72683,PRE
Spotted: Istanbul Museum 20150510
Picture at: Istanbul Museum 20150510
LN-MOJDouglas DC 4c/n: 27336Spotted: EHRD 19750322, EHRD 19750325, EHRD 19750328
Picture at: EHRD 19750328
LN-MOBDouglas DC 4c/n: 27373History:  
Spotted: EHRD 19740511
Picture at: EHRD 19740511