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This page shows all aircraft I once logged and which I labeled as Grumman AA1. When a bigger picture is available, shown by , click the image.

N5644LAmerican Aviation 1 Yankeec/n: AA1-0044built 1968
Spotted: EBLE 20090918
Picture at: EBLE 20090918
G-AYLOAmerican Aviation 1 Yankeec/n: AA1-0444History: N6244L,G-AYLO
Spotted: EHRD 19771007, EHRD 19771209
OY-AYHAmerican Aviation 1 Yankeec/n: AA1-0448 History: (1973) OY-AYH,(1988) D-EKAV
Spotted: EKRK 19840823
PH-NSAAmerican Aviation 1A Yankeec/n: AA1A-0089History: N9389L,PH-NSA
Spotted: EHRD(2) 19760303
PH-EHEAmerican Aviation 1A Yankeec/n: AA1A-0319History: (N6319L),PH-EHE
Spotted: EHRD 19750713, EHRD 19751223
OY-ARYAmerican Aviation 1A Trainerc/n: AA1A-0420built 1972
History: (N6220L),SE-FTU,(1978)OY-ARY
Spotted: EKVH 20140621
Picture at: EKVH 20140621