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This page shows all aircraft I once logged and which I labeled as Bell 206. When a bigger picture is available, shown by , click the image.

LN-…Bell 206?c/n: Spotted: ENVA 20120530
G-AWOLBell 206B Jet Rangerc/n:  239History: >
Spotted: EGPF 19780909
G-AXXOBell 206Ac/n:  420History: >
Spotted: EHRD 19750517, EHRD 19750521
G-BAKXBell 206B Jet Rangerc/n:  906History: G-BAKX,(1980)EI-BHI
Spotted: EHRD 19740709
G-BBUYBell 206B Jet Ranger IIc/n:  1232History: N18090,G-BBUY,G-HMPH
Spotted: EGGW 19780907
OY-HCZBell 206B Jet Rangerc/n:  1831 History: (1984) OY-HCZ, Crashed 19910710
Spotted: EKRK 19840823
Picture at: EKRK 19840823
  D-HMFABell 206B-3 Jet Rangerc/n:  3179Spotted: ETNG 20170702
D-HMFA at ETNG 20170702 | Bell 206B-3 Jet Ranger
Picture at: ETNG 20170702
  D-HMXVBell 206B-3 JetRanger IIIc/n:  3948Spotted: EDQH 20220806
D-HMXV at EDQH 20220806 | Bell 206B-3 JetRanger III
Picture at: EDQH 20220806
  N118FWBell 206Bc/n:  4182built 1991
Spotted: KMTH 20140801
N118FW at KMTH 20140801 | Bell 206B
Picture at: KMTH 20140801
PH-FSWAgusta-Bell 206A Jet Rangerc/n:  8056History: PH-FSW,G-BHSG,G-RIAN,G-FMAL,G-SOOR,G-RIAN
Spotted: EHRD 19740701, EHGG 19760805, EHRD(2) 19771205, EHRD 19780413
PH-HWHAgusta-Bell 206B Jet Rangerc/n:  8076History: (1968)
Spotted: EHLE 20040904, Almere 20111013
Picture at: Almere 20111013
I-AGUPAgusta-Bell 206B Jet Ranger IIc/n:  8086History: WO
Spotted: xLFPB 19770611, LFPB 19770612
Picture at: LFPB 19770612
OO-COPBell 206A Jet Rangerc/n:  8284History: D-HAVA,OO-COP
Spotted: EHLE 20050827
Picture at: EHLE 20050827
D-HMOSAgusta-Bell 206B Jet Rangerc/n:  8326History: D-HMOS,I-MIPE,HB-XQI,I-ASEL
Spotted: EHRD 19780126
G-BFJWAgusta-Bell 206B Jet Ranger IIc/n:  8340History: (D-HNWS),D-HMOG,F-BXOX,G-BFJW,EI-BRL,G-BFJW
Spotted: EHRD 19780603
HB-XPAAgusta-Bell 206B Jet Ranger IIc/n:  8364Spotted: Rotterdam 20050612, EHRD(2) 20050612
Picture at: Rotterdam 20050612
OO-HOPAgusta-Bell 206B Jet Ranger IIc/n:  8418History: (HB-XEX),SX-HAP,PH-HAP,OO-HOP,
Spotted: EBAW 20010213
F-BXSVAgusta-Bell 206B Jet Ranger IIc/n:  8517History: F-BXSV,3A-MFC(1),F-GDQX
Spotted: xLFPB 19770611, xLFPB 19770612
OO-DOUAgusta-Bell 206B Jet Ranger IIc/n:  8718History: G-RNGR,OO-DOU,
Spotted: EBAW 20010213
MM80890Agusta-Bell 206B Jet Rangerc/n:  9132History: (197610)MM80890/EI-622
Spotted: xLFPB 19770611, LFPB 19770612
Picture at: LFPB 19770612
70-15102Bell OH.58A Kiowac/n: 40653History: 70-15102[N],conv to OH-58D 83-24138[N] c/n 43015
Spotted: EHDL 19780617
PH-HXHBell 206L Long Rangerc/n: 45103History: N16773,SE-HSA,PH-HXH
Spotted: EHLE 20020831, EHLE 20040904
Picture at: EHLE 20040904
  N210TVBell 206L-3c/n: 51267Spotted: Norfolk 20140722
N210TV at Norfolk 20140722 | Bell 206L-3
Picture at: Norfolk 20140722
  N405MRBell 206L-4 LongRangerc/n: 52391 History: (200903)N405MR
Spotted: KJRB 20140713
N405MR at KJRB 20140713 | Bell 206L-4 LongRanger
Picture at: KJRB 20140713