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Log: Gilze-Rijen AB
Date: 1983-06-21
Time: 10:50-11:40
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This log contains sightings of aircraft that I spotted while at this location.
When I was able to make (some) pictures, these are included too, no matter the quality.
The four letter ICAO code is used when applicable.

 A-494?Type: SNCA (Fokker) SE316B
c/n: 1494
First flight:
Where & when: EHGR 19830621
 J-251Type: General Dynamics F-16AM
c/n: 78-0251 6D- 40
First flight:
History: 78-0251[N],J-251[PH],(200707?)...[JY]
Where & when: EHGR 19830621
K-3031Type: NF-5A
c/n: 3031
First flight:
History: K-3031[PH],3031[SX]
Where & when: EHDL 19780617, EHGR 19830621
 P-141Type: Republic F-84F-56-RE Thunderstreak
c/n: (52- 7197)?
First flight:
Where & when: EHGR 19830621