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Log: Den Helder Naval Base
ICAO code: -
Date: 1975-07-19
Additional info: Marinehaven - VlootdagenGoogle maps: see
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This log contains sightings of aircraft that I spotted while at this location.
When I was able to make (some) pictures, these are included too, no matter the quality.
The four letter ICAO code is used when applicable.

 221Type: Agusta Bell 204B
c/n: 3012
First flight:
History: 221/K[PH],…[N],…(SE),> Aviodome
Where & when: Den Helder 19750719, to EHSB 19760804
 254Type: Bréguet Br 1150 SP-13A Atlantic
c/n: 61
First flight:
History: SEE: 61[F]
Where & when: Den Helder 19750719, to EHYB 19800825, EHRD 19800926, EHWO 19811202, EHVB 19820804, EHVB 19830427, EHVB 19840503
204Type: Lockheed SP-2H Neptune
c/n: 726-7251
First flight:
History: (196111)204/B[PH],(1962)204/V[PH],P2V-7 > P-2H,(1963-66)>SP-2H,(198207)WFU,PRE Cosford/Hendon
Where & when: Den Helder 19750719
 XT416Type: Wasp
c/n: F.9586
First flight:
History: (19641203)XT416[G],XT416/442,WO 19770720
Where & when: F124/Den Helder 19750719
 XT443Type: Wasp HAS.1
c/n: F.9613
First flight:
History: FF 19660329 XT443,XT443/452,1995 preserved THM Weston-super-Mare
Where & when: F18/Den Helder 19750719
 236Type: Wasp AH-12A
c/n: F.9681
First flight:
History: 236[PH],(1981)HS-430[PK]
Where & when: F814/Den Helder 19750719
 240Type: Wasp AH-12A
c/n: F.9685
First flight:
History: 240[PH],(1981)HS-435[PK]
Where & when: F804/Den Helder 19750719
247Type: Wasp AH-12A
c/n: F.9692
First flight:
History: 247[PH]/K,(1981)HS-433[PK]
Where & when: Den Helder 19750719