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This page shows all aircraft I once logged and which I labeled as Schleicher 08. When a bigger picture is available, shown by , click the image.

D-8013Schleicher K.8Bc/n:  10History: D-8013
Spotted: EDRD 20020720
Picture at: EDRD 20020720
D-1130Schleicher K.8Bc/n:  12History: D-1130,OO-ZRB,D-9377,N..…
Spotted: EBZW 19810717
PH-422Schleicher K.8Bc/n:  376/69History: PH-422
Spotted: EHTL 19760717
PH-258Schleicher K.8Bc/n:  657History: PH-258
Spotted: EHTL 19760717
Picture at: EHTL 19760717
D-5096Schleicher K.8Bc/n:  1014History: D-5096
Spotted: EDLK 20010718
Picture at: EDLK 20010718
D-8410Schleicher K.8Bc/n:  1107History: D-8410,PRE Sinsheim
Spotted: Museum (D) Sinsheim 20220804
PH-289Schleicher K.8Bc/n:  8075History: PH-289,OO-ZPT
Spotted: EHTE 19810625, EHTE 19830701
Picture at: EHTE 19810625
PH-292Schleicher K.8Bc/n:  8119History: PH-292
Spotted: EHDL 19780617
PH-293Schleicher K.8Bc/n:  8120History: PH-293
Spotted: EHTL 19760717
PH-295Schleicher K.8Bc/n:  8122History: PH-295
Spotted: EHDS 19830701
PH-299Schleicher K.8Bc/n:  8126History: PH-299
Spotted: EHLV 19830618
Picture at: EHLV 19830618
PH-311Schleicher K.8Bc/n:  8143History: PH-311
Spotted: EHTL 19760717
OE-0693Schleicher K.8Bc/n:  8230Spotted: Amsterdam 20021105, Amsterdam 20051229, Amsterdam 20070920
Picture at: Amsterdam 20070920
PH-332Schleicher K.8Bc/n:  8403History: PH-332
Spotted: EHTL 19760717
PH-328Schleicher K.8Bc/n:  8406History: PH-328,PZ-...,
Spotted: EHTL 19760717
  F-CVSASchleicher K-8Bc/n:  8536History: F-CVSA
Spotted: LFFC 20190608
F-CVSA at LFFC 20190608 | Schleicher  K-8B
Picture at: LFFC 20190608
PH-356Schleicher K.8Bc/n:  8553History: PH-356
Spotted: EHHV 19760804, EHHV 19830626
PH-380Schleicher K.8Bc/n:  8600/AHistory: PH-380
Spotted: EHLV 19830618
Picture at: EHLV 19830618
D-9322Schempp-Hirth K.8Bc/n:  8617/SHHistory: D-9322
Spotted: EDLF 20010718
OO-ZOMSchleicher K.8Bc/n:  8654History: (196611)PL-58,WO 19690713 Oostmalle,rebuilt,(197407)OO-ZOM
Spotted: EBDT 19810719
Picture at: EBDT 19810719
PH-361Schleicher K.8Bc/n:  8658History: PH-361
Spotted: EHTE 19830701
  PH-370Schleicher K.8Bc/n:  8678History: PH-370
Spotted: EHHV 19760804, EHHV 19830626, EHHV 20170912
PH-370 at EHHV 20170912 | Schleicher K.8B
Picture at: EHHV 20170912
OO-ZAUSchleicher K.8Bc/n:  8706History: OO-ZAU
Spotted: EBZW 19810717
OO-ZAVSchleicher K.8Bc/n:  8707History: OO-ZAV
Spotted: EBBT 19810719
PH-382Schleicher K-8Bc/n:  8752History: (196805)PH-382,WFU 199808,rebuilt,(200403)PH-382
Spotted: EHVK 20090620
Picture at: EHVK 20090620
PH-393Schleicher K.8Bc/n:  8768History: (196904)PH-393,STO 2001 for Aviodome
Spotted: EHLE Aviodrome 20060106, EHLE Aviodrome 20060830
Picture at: EHLE Aviodrome 20060106
PH-394Schleicher K.8Bc/n:  8769History: PH-394
Spotted: EHHO 19830701
Picture at: EHHO 19830701
D-0632Schleicher K.8Bc/n:  8844History: D-0632
Spotted: EDLF 20010718
Picture at: EDLF 20010718
PH-418Schleicher K.8Bc/n:  8848History: PH-418
Spotted: EHRD 19800913
Picture at: EHRD 19800913
PH-435Schleicher K.8Bc/n:  8888History: PH-435,OO-ZNJ,PH-435
Spotted: EHDS 19830701
PH-444Schleicher K.8Bc/n:  8894History: PH-444
Spotted: EHTL 19760717
  F-CEGVSchleicher K.8Bc/n:  8934built 1973
Spotted: LFOY 20170607
F-CEGV at LFOY 20170607 | Schleicher K.8B
Picture at: LFOY 20170607
PH-455Schleicher K.8Bc/n:  8948History: PH-455
Spotted: EHLE 19760804
PH-513Schleicher K.8Bc/n:  8975History: PH-513
Spotted: EHTL 19760717
PH-432Schleicher K.8Cc/n: 81009History: PH-432
Spotted: EHLE 19810620, EHLE 19830626