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This page shows all aircraft I once logged and which I labeled as Schleicher 06. When a bigger picture is available, shown by , click the image.

  OO-SZPSchleicher KA.6CR Rhönseglerc/n:  196Spotted: Museum Brussels 20220911
OO-SZP at Museum Brussels 20220911 | Schleicher KA.6CR Rhönsegler
Picture at: Museum Brussels 20220911
D-5489Schleicher KA.6BR Rhönseglerc/n:  531History: D-5489
Spotted: EDRD 20020720
Picture at: EDRD 20020720
PH-259Schleicher KA.6CR Rhönseglerc/n:  662History: PH-259
Spotted: EHTL 19760717
D-6319Schleicher KA.6CR Rhönseglerc/n: 1044History: D-6319
Spotted: ETMN 20130817
Picture at: ETMN 20130817
PH-378Schleicher KA.6E Rhönseglerc/n: 4067History: PH-378
Spotted: EHTL 19760717
PH-396Schleicher KA.6E Rhönseglerc/n: 4251History: PH-396
Spotted: EHTL 19760717
D-4614Schleicher KA.6CR Rhönseglerc/n: 6111History: D-4614
Spotted: EDRD 20020720
Picture at: EDRD 20020720
PH-318Schleicher KA.6CR Rhönseglerc/n: 6216History: PH-318
Spotted: EHHV 19760804, EHHV 19830626
  D-9168Schleicher KA.6CR Rhönseglerc/n: 6248Spotted: Museum (D) Speyer 20220804
D-9168 at Museum (D) Speyer 20220804 | Schleicher KA.6CR Rhönsegler
Picture at: Museum (D) Speyer 20220804
PH-322Schleicher KA.6CR Rhönseglerc/n: 6333History: PH-322
Spotted: EHTL 19760717
PH-335Schleicher KA.6CR Rhönseglerc/n: 6335History: PH-335
Spotted: EHSB 19760619
PH-338Schleicher KA.6CR Rhönseglerc/n: 6342History: PH-338
Spotted: EHTE 19830701
PH-381Schleicher KA.6CR Rhönseglerc/n: 6511/AHistory: PH-381
Spotted: EHLV 19830618
Picture at: EHLV 19830618
PH-379Schleicher KA.6CR Rhönseglerc/n: 6569History: PH-379
Spotted: EHTL 19760717, EHDS 19830701
Picture at: EHDS 19830701