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This page shows all aircraft I once logged and which I labeled as Mooney M20. When a bigger picture is available, shown by , click the image.

G-BAFBMooney 20c/n:  1161History: OE-DOZ, or?? OY-DII,G-BAFB
Spotted: EHRD 19731227
N8382EMooney 20Ac/n:  1560History: N8382E
Spotted: EHTE 19760802
G-ARNAMooney 20B Mark 21c/n:  1806History: G-ARNA
Spotted: EHRD(1) 19780425
HB-DUVMooney 20C Mark 21c/n:  1978History: HB-DUV,F-GIRI
Spotted: EHRD 19771205
D-EDDNMooney 20C Mark 21c/n:  2595Spotted: EHRD(1) 20020427, EHRD 20020613, EHRD 20031009, EHRD 20040718, EHRD 20050316, EHRD(1) 20050612
Picture at: EHRD(1) 20020427
G-BFXCMooney 20C Mark 21c/n:  2630History: N1349W,OH-MOA,G-BFXC,9H-ABD,G-BFXC
Spotted: EHRD 19780809, EHRD 19780811, EHRD(2) 19780820, EHRD(1) 19780828, EHRD(2) 19780828, EHRD 19780901, EHRD 19781108, EHRD 19790912, EHRD 19800427, EHRD 19800616, EHRD 19800913
Picture at: EHRD 19780828
G-ASNPMooney 20C Mark 21c/n:  2689History: >
Spotted: EHRD(2) 19780306
Picture at: EHRD(2) 19780306
D-ESSMMooney 20Cc/n:  2810Spotted: EDKB 20220807
D-EHAHMooney 20C Mark 21c/n:  3314History: N2667W,D-EHAH
Spotted: EHTE 19810625
Picture at: EHTE 19810625
  F-BVFZMooney 20E Super 21c/n:  341built 1964
History: .. (198206)F-BVFZ
Spotted: LFRQ 20100727
F-BVFZ at LFRQ 20100727 | Mooney 20E Super 21
Picture at: LFRQ 20100727
D-ENNOMooney 20E Super 21c/n:  519History: SEE: N4995V
Spotted: EHRD 19780927, EHRD(1) 19781030
N4995VMooney 20E Super 21c/n:  519History: (N79855),D-ENNO,(PH-BWA),(197811)N4995V,LY-BRT
Spotted: EHRD 19781108, EHRD 19790227
N5568QMooney 20E Super 21c/n:  637built 1965
Spotted: KMTH 20140801
Picture at: KMTH 20140801
HB-DVOMooney 20E Super 21c/n:  696History: N5680Q,OE-DMO,HB-DVO,N200YS
Spotted: EHRD 19750803
  N9305MMooney 20E Super 21c/n:  1238built 1966
History: N9305M
Spotted: EBCF 20190620
N9305M at EBCF 20190620 | Mooney 20E Super 21
Picture at: EBCF 20190620
G-BCJHMooney 20F Executive 21c/n:  670126History: N9549M,G-BCJH
Spotted: EGGW 19780907
F-BOLVMooney 20F Executive 21c/n:  670296built 1967
Spotted: EKAH 20140622
Picture at: EKAH 20140622
  D-EHHLMooney 20F Executive 21c/n:  670325History: N2931L,(197404)D-EHHL
Spotted: EHTX 20180804
D-EHHL at EHTX 20180804 | Mooney 20F Executive 21
Picture at: EHTX 20180804
G-AYBFMooney 20F Executive 21c/n:  670383History: >
Spotted: EHRD 19740511, EHRD 19750401
Picture at: EHRD 19740511
OO-ABSMooney 20F Executive 21c/n: 22-1219History: N7442V,(6.75) OO-ABS(3)
Spotted: EBZW 19810717
Picture at: EBZW 19810717
N201HDMooney 20J Model 201c/n: 24-0231History: SEE: PH-IHD
Spotted: EHRD 19790730
Picture at: EHRD 19790730
PH-IHDMooney 20J Model 201c/n: 24-0231History: N201HD,PH-IHD,D-ELEY(2)
Spotted: EHRD 19800309
D-EKMFMooney 20J Model 201c/n: 24-0429History: (197801)D-EKMF
Spotted: EHRD 19780421, EHRD 19780510, EHRD 19780512
N201XJMooney 20J Model 201c/n: 24-0494History:  
Spotted: EBAW 20010607
OO-JPGMooney 20J Model 201c/n: 24-0534History: SEE: N100HQ
Spotted: EGLF 19780908, EHRD(2) 19790328, EHRD 19790909
Picture at: EGLF 19780908
N100HQMooney 20J Model 201c/n: 24-0534built 1978
History: N201ZK,OO-JPG,(PH-IMC),PH-IMC,OO-JPG(2),PH-IMC, .. (199806)N100HQ
Spotted: EHLE 20020831, EHLE 20030906
OO-LVSMooney 20J Model 201c/n: 24-0739History: N4453H,OO-LVS
Spotted: EHRD 19810501, EBZW 19810717
Picture at: EHRD 19810501
HB-DFPMooney 20J Model 201c/n: 24-0817History: HB-DFP
Spotted: EHRD 19800427
D-EMHOMooney 20J Model 201c/n: 24-1002Spotted: EDKB 20220807
PH-JSPMooney 20J Model 201c/n: 24-1269History: (1982) PH-JSP
Spotted: EHHV 20030512
Picture at: EHHV 20030512
N5775MMooney 20J Model 201c/n: 24-1505History: (1984),(200008)N5775M
Spotted: EDRT 20020716
Picture at: EDRT 20020716
D-EKPCMooney 20J Model 201c/n: 24-1625History: (198708)D-EKPC
Spotted: EDWX 20130817
Picture at: EDWX 20130817
  D-EYMLMooney 20J Model 201c/n: 24-3249Spotted: LFPA 20100919
D-EYML at LFPA 20100919 | Mooney 20J Model 201
Picture at: LFPA 20100919
N226RLMooney 20J Model 201c/n: 24-3427Spotted: EBLE 20090918
Picture at: EBLE 20090918
N231LMooney 20K Model 231c/n: 25-0055built 1979
Spotted: KMTH 20140801
Picture at: KMTH 20140801
N231AFMooney 20K Model 231c/n: 25-0064built 1979
Spotted: KMTH 20140801
Picture at: KMTH 20140801
D-EFRLMooney 20K Model 231c/n: 25-0153History: (197905)D-EFRL
Spotted: EHRD 19820922, EHRD 19830424
Picture at: EHRD 19820922
D-ELLMMooney 20K Model 231c/n: 25-0236History: N231FN,D-ELLM,OO-LLM,N668DV
Spotted: EHRD(1) 19800903
  N101UKMooney 20K Model 231c/n: 25-0631Spotted: EHTX 20180804
N101UK at EHTX 20180804 | Mooney 20K Model 231
Picture at: EHTX 20180804
  D-EMLLMooney 20K Model 231c/n: 25-0699Spotted: EDQH 20220806
D-EMLL at EDQH 20220806 | Mooney 20K Model 231
Picture at: EDQH 20220806
PH-PRWMooney 20K Model 231c/n: 25-0741Spotted: EHRD 20070616
LX-LCTMooney 20K Model 231c/n: 25-0811History: N5741A,D-EMEM,N5741A,LX-LCT,
Spotted: EHRD 20010729
Picture at: EHRD 20010729
PH-DGYMooney 20K Model 231c/n: 25-1145Spotted: EDKB 20220807
G-OJJBMooney 20K Model 231c/n: 25-1161built 1988
History: (198808)G-OJJB
Spotted: LIRU 20090717
Picture at: LIRU 20090717
D-EDIWMooney 20K Model 252c/n: 25-1173Spotted: EDRK 20220803
N57MLMooney 20K Model 231c/n: 25-1194History: (200712)N57ML
Spotted: KEYW 20140802
Picture at: KEYW 20140802
D-EKRMMooney 20K Model 231c/n: 25-1230History: (199011)D-EKRM
Spotted: EDLN 20010718
  D-ERYWMooney 20L Model 231c/n: 26-0035History: P4-ING,(2004)D-ERYW
Spotted: EHTX 20180804
D-ERYW at EHTX 20180804 | Mooney 20L Model 231
Picture at: EHTX 20180804
PH-SYRMooney 20M TLSc/n: 27-0110History: (1991)PH-SYR
Spotted: EDLN 20010718
F-GNBCMooney 20R Ovationc/n: 29-0034Spotted: EHLE 20050827
Picture at: EHLE 20050827
N2228DMooney 20R Ovationc/n: 29-0246Spotted: LIRU 20090717
Picture at: LIRU 20090717
N428CMMooney 20TN Acclaimc/n: 31-0042built 2007
Spotted: KEYW 20140802
Picture at: KEYW 20140802
N594PAMooney 20TN Acclaimc/n: 31-0059built 2007
Spotted: KMTH 20140801
Picture at: KMTH 20140801
  D-ELCPMooney 20G Statesmanc/n: 680070Spotted: EDQH 20220806
D-ELCP at EDQH 20220806 | Mooney 20G Statesman
Picture at: EDQH 20220806