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This page shows all aircraft I once logged and which I labeled as MIL MI. 2. When a bigger picture is available, shown by , click the image.

SP-SBOMil Mi-2c/n: Spotted: xLFPB 19770611, xLFPB 19770612
RJ-DAWPZL-Swidnik Mil Mi-2c/n: 525143027History: SEE SP-SBG
Spotted: EBHN 20000916, EBHN 20010213, EBHN 20010911
Picture at: EBHN 20010911
  SP-SBGPZL-Swidnik Mil Mi-2c/n: 525143027History: SP-SBG,RJ-DAW,eye catcher Meer,200403(?) Asten (NL),(2014) EHAM Fire dump
Spotted: EHAM 20190906
SP-SBG at EHAM 20190906 | PZL-Swidnik Mil Mi-2
Picture at: EHAM 20190906
  -PZL-Swidnik Mil Mi-2c/n: 562819043History: 501[DM],2001 Musée de l’Abri de Hatten,2009 PS Aero Baarlo,201411 Weert (Trancheeweg 22)
Spotted: Weert 20210426, Weert 20210427
x {2021-02} at Weert 20210427 | PZL-Swidnik Mil Mi-2
Picture at: Weert 20210427
D-HZPQPZL-Swidnik Mil Mi-2c/n: 562945063History: NVA-504[DM],DDR-VGM,(1994)D-HZPQ
Spotted: Hermeskeil 20020722
Picture at: Hermeskeil 20020722