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This page shows all aircraft I once logged and which I labeled as Lockheed T-33. When a bigger picture is available, shown by , click the image.

..T-33c/n: Spotted: EHDL 19730630
133393Lockheed T33Ac/n: 580-1650Spotted: Hermeskeil 20020722
Picture at: Hermeskeil 20020722
FT15Lockheed T-33Ac/n: 580-1678History: JD-397/1[D],PRE Sinsheim,(2020?) as "FT-15"
Spotted: Museum (D) Sinsheim 20220804
DT-497T-33Ac/n: 580-5829History: FMS 51-6497,D-497 PRE
Spotted: EKKA 20140621
Picture at: EKKA 20140621
M- 5Lockheed T.33Ac/n: 580-6812History: TR-028[PH],M-5[PH]
Spotted: EHSB 19760619, EHDL 19780617
M-54Lockheed T-33c/n: 580-7150History: 51-17411[N],M-54[PH]
Spotted: Breda 19770612
63659Lockheed T-33A Shooting Starc/n: 580-7365History: 94+01/63659//TR-659
Spotted: Museum (D) Speyer 20220804
F-ZAGCLockheed T 33A-1-LOc/n: 580-8394History: 53-5055,GC/055/F-ZAGC
Spotted: LFPB Dugny 20100918
Picture at: LFPB Dugny 20100918
53-5744Lockheed T-33A-1-LOc/n: 580-9083History: MDAP 53-5744[EC],(not former TC!),PRE
Spotted: Istanbul Museum 20150510
Picture at: Istanbul Museum 20150510
54-1543T-33A Shooting Starc/n: 580-9174History: 54-1543[F],54-1543/8-543[TC],PRE
Spotted: Istanbul Museum 20150510
Picture at: Istanbul Museum 20150510
FT-37T.33Ac/n: 580-9623History: 55-3082[N],(1956)FT37[OO]
Spotted: EHDL 19780617
G-TBRDCanadair CT-133A Shooting Star Mk.3 (T-33A-N)c/n: T33-261History: 21261,133261,CF-IHB,G-OAHB,(G-BHOE),G-OAHB,G-JETT,N33VC,G-TBRD
Spotted: EHTW 20030621
Picture at: EHTW 20030621