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This page shows all aircraft I once logged and which I labeled as Dornier Do. 27. When a bigger picture is available, shown by , click the image.

  D04Dornier Do27J-1c/n: Spotted: Museum Brussels 20220911
D04 at Museum Brussels 20220911 | Dornier Do27J-1
Picture at: Museum Brussels 20220911
OC+054Dornier 27Ac/n:  231History: CC#054[D] (OC?),WFU,TU Delft
Spotted: Delft TH 19761218
Picture at: Delft TH 19761218
  D-EEAFDornier Do-27B1c/n:  274Spotted: EDQH 20220806
D-EEAF at EDQH 20220806 | Dornier Do-27B1
Picture at: EDQH 20220806
D-EAJCDornier 27B-1c/n:  292History: (1963?)SC+712[D],SE+534[D],56+24[D],(197205)D-EAJC
Spotted: ETMN 20130817
Picture at: ETMN 20130817
D-EFSVDornier 27Ac/n:  339History: 56#53(D),D-EFSV(1)
Spotted: Hermeskeil 20020722
OO-VPHDornier 27A-3c/n:  411 / 11-3-411History: GA#387(D),SB#734(D),SA#116(D),56#95(D),(5.72) OO-VPH
Spotted: EBZW 19810717
Picture at: EBZW 19810717
OO-LHMDornier 27A-3c/n:  417 / 27-1003-417History: GB#384(D),CA#047(D),57#00(D),(197401) OO-LHM
Spotted: EBZH(1) 19810718
OO-LVHDornier 27A-4c/n:  443 / 27-1003-443History: PP#108(D),PX#222(D),57#15(D),D-ENAT,(11.71) OO-LVH,TF-LDS
Spotted: EBZH(1) 19810718
OO-VPJDornier 27A-4c/n:  446 / 27-1003-446History: PD#101(D),PY#223(D),57#18(D),(5.72) OO-VPJ
Spotted: EBAW 19810719
Picture at: EBAW 19810719
D-ELDODornier 27A/Bc/n:  507History: 57#57(D),D-ELDO(1)
Spotted: EHRD 19770519, EHRD 19770520
Picture at: EHRD 19770519
D-EAKNDornier 27H-2c/n: 2011History: V-604(HB),HB-HAA,V-604(HB),D-EAKN(2),HB-HAA
Spotted: EDLN 20010718
Picture at: EDLN 20010718
10293Dornier 27H-2c/n: 2142History: D-EFCI,10293[TC],PRE
Spotted: Istanbul Museum 20150510
Picture at: Istanbul Museum 20150510