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This page shows all aircraft I once logged and which I labeled as Cessna 210. When a bigger picture is available, shown by , click the image.

PH-MJR ?Cessna 210 (421??)c/n: Spotted: EHRD 20020613
D-EDSICessna 210Cc/n: 210-58135History: N3635Y,(6307)D-EDSI
Spotted: EDLN 20010718
OO-VDBCessna 210F Centurionc/n: 210-58726History: N1826F,OO-VDB,N.....,
Spotted: EHRD 19780227
EI-AWHCessna 210Jc/n: 210-59067Spotted: EHRD 19780811
Picture at: EHRD 19780811
  N8241MCessna 210Kc/n: 210-59241built 1969
History: (196912?)N8241M
Spotted: EHTX 20180804
N8241M at EHTX 20180804 | Cessna 210K
Picture at: EHTX 20180804
D-ECALCessna 210Kc/n: 210-59255History: N8255M,(197007)D-ECAL(2)
Spotted: EHRD 19730710
  D-ECNPCessna 210K Centurionc/n: 210-59456Spotted: EDQH 20220806
D-ECNP at EDQH 20220806 | Cessna 210K Centurion
Picture at: EDQH 20220806
N10242Cessna 210L Centurionc/n: 210-59704History: (1972)N22069,D-ENSV,N10242
Spotted: EHRD 19830222, EHSE 19830621
Picture at: EHSE 19830621
PH-WECCessna 210L Centurionc/n: 210-59793History: (N29060),D-EEZN,PH-WEC,WO 19820505
Spotted: EHRD 19780217, EHRD 19780407, EHRD 19780428, EHRD 19781106, EHRD 19781107, EHRD 19790220, EHRD 19800330
Picture at: EHRD 19780217
I-CBJRCessna T210L Turbo Centurion IIc/n: 210-60102History: (1973)
Spotted: LIRU 20090717
Picture at: LIRU 20090717
D-EHNWCessna T210Lc/n: 210-60771History: N1750X,(197509)D-EHNW,
Spotted: EHTE 19760802
PH-ATOCessna T210L Centurionc/n: 210-60901History: N5300V,PH-ATO,F-GBGZ
Spotted: EHRD 19751021, EHRD 19780418
OO-ADICessna T210L Centurionc/n: 210-61148History: SEE: PH-PLX
Spotted: EHRD 19770325
Picture at: EHRD 19770325
PH-PLXCessna T210Lc/n: 210-61148History: N2187S,D-EATX,OO-ADI(4(3?)),PH-PLX,D-EFOW?? (=210N??)
Spotted: EHRD 19800913
PH-EYECessna T210L Centurionc/n: 210-61164History: N2219S,D-EDVE,(197712)PH-EYE,>.
Spotted: EHRD 19780614, EHAM 19810404
G-BEYVCessna T210M Centurionc/n: 210-61583History: N732KX,G-BEYV
Spotted: EHRD 19781114, EHRD 19781115
Picture at: EHRD 19781115
N732KXCT210 Turbo Centurion IIc/n: 210-61583History: SEE: G-BEYV
Spotted: xLFPB 19770611, xLFPB 19770612
OE-DKDCessna 210M Centurion IIc/n: 210-62358History: (N761MF),OE-DKD
Spotted: EHRD 19790429
Picture at: EHRD 19790429
PH-VDCReims/Cessna FT210M Centurionc/n: 210-62368/0008History: N761MR,(PH-AXZ(2)),PH-VDC
Spotted: EHRD 19790228, EHRD(1) 19790302, EHRD(2) 19790302, EHRD 19800330, EHRD 19800727, EHSE 19830621
Picture at: EHRD 19800727
N29008Cessna 210Mc/n: 210-62486built 1978
Spotted: KMTH 20140801
Picture at: KMTH 20140801
N6289CCessna T210N Turbo Centurion IIc/n: 210-63856History: N6289C,D-EAOO
Spotted: EHRD 19800913
Picture at: EHRD 19800913
F-GBLBCessna P210N Pressurized Centurion IIc/n: P210-00009History: N7359P,F-GBLB,3A-MWB,F-GBER(2)
Spotted: EHRD 19830506
Picture at: EHRD 19830506
N210MJCessna P210N Pressurized Centurion IIc/n: P210-00440Spotted: EHLE 20040904
Picture at: EHLE 20040904
  N210FKCessna P210N Pressurized Centurion IIc/n: P210-00441built 1979
History:  ..(200612)N210FK
Spotted: LFRQ 20100727
N210FK at LFRQ 20100727 | Cessna P210N Pressurized Centurion II
Picture at: LFRQ 20100727
D-EDRMCessna P210N Pressurized Centurion IIc/n: P210-00448History: N731EV,OE-DUK,(198012)D-EDRM
Spotted: EDLN 20010718
D-EMFGCessna P210N Pressurized Centurion IIc/n: P210-00458Spotted: EDKB 20220807
  D-EWEBCessna P210N Pressurized Centurion IIc/n: P210-00597Spotted: EDTY 20220805
D-EWEB at EDTY 20220805 | Cessna P210N Pressurized Centurion II
Picture at: EDTY 20220805
F-BOXRCessna T210G Turbo-system Centurionc/n: T210-0248History: N6848R,F-BOXR
Spotted: EHRD 19750204, EHRD 19750209, EHRD 19750325, EHRD 19750328
Picture at: EHRD 19750204