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This page shows all aircraft I once logged and which I labeled as CEA/Jodel DR250/253. When a bigger picture is available, shown by , click the image.

  F-BMZHJodel DR250 160c/n:  7History: (196510)F-BMZH
Spotted: LFPA 20100919
F-BMZH at LFPA 20100919 | Jodel DR250 160
Picture at: LFPA 20100919
PH-RENCEA DR250/160 Capitainec/n:  36built 1965
History: (196512)PH-REN,(198405)D-EKFN,(C)
Spotted: EHRD(2) 19780616
  F-BNJKAv Pierre Robin DR250-160c/n:  45built 1966
History: (196602)F-BNJK
Spotted: LFOR 20170610
F-BNJK at LFOR 20170610 | Av Pierre Robin DR250-160
Picture at: LFOR 20170610
HB-EMRCEA DR250/160 Capitainec/n:  57built 1966
History: (196603)F-BNJS,HB-EMR
Spotted: EHRD 19781026
Picture at: EHRD 19781026
D-EIARCEA DR250/160 Capitainec/n:  98built 1967
History: (196712)D-EIAR,to UK ca2003?
Spotted: EDRT 20020716
Picture at: EDRT 20020716
  F-BPCCAPR DR.253c/n: 109built 1967
History: F-BPCC
Spotted: LFFY 20190608
F-BPCC at LFFY 20190608 | APR DR.253
Picture at: LFFY 20190608
G-AWKPCEA DR253 Regentc/n: 130built 1968
History: (196807)G-AWKP,WFU (CoA exp. 199810)
Spotted: EHRD 19780602, EHRD 19780603
Picture at: EHRD 19780603
D-EAFQRobin DR253B Regentc/n: 186built 1971
History: (197107)D-EAFQ,(C)
Spotted: EHRD 19790826
Picture at: EHRD 19790826