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This page shows all aircraft I once logged and which I labeled as CEA/Jodel DR100/1056. When a bigger picture is available, shown by , click the image.

  F-GMULCEA Jodel DR 1050 Ambassadorc/n:  15built1960
History: (196005)F-BJHI,(197207?)HB-EUF,(199607)F-GMUL,conv (when?) DR.105A > DR/1050
Spotted: LFEB 20170609
F-GMUL at LFEB 20170609 | CEA Jodel DR 1050 Ambassador
Picture at: LFEB 20170609
G-AXUYSAN Jodel DR100A Ambassadeurc/n:  51built 1959
History: (195907)F-BIZI,(196912)G-AXUY,WO 197809 Winsford (crash),STO ATC Preston (instr. Airframe)
Spotted: EHRD 19780603
OO-MAYSAN Jodel DR105A Ambassadeurc/n:  98built 1959
History: (195910)LX-MAY,(196709)OO-MAY,WO 199008 (crash)
Spotted: EBZH(1) 19810718
PH-ASESAN Jodel DR1050 Ambassadeurc/n: 142built 1960
History: (196006)PH-ASE,(C)
Spotted: EHHV 19830626, EHLE 20030906
D-EAOTSAN Jodel DR1050 Ambassadeurc/n: 147Spotted: EDQH 20220806
OO-JOASAN Jodel DR1051 Sicilec/n: 220built 1961
History: (196111)OO-JOA,WO 199208 (crash)
Spotted: EHHV 19830626
D-EAHRSAN Jodel DR1050 Ambassadeurc/n: 372Spotted: EDQH 20220806
OO-MOUSAN Jodel DR1050 Ambassadeurc/n: 399built 1963
History: (196305)F-BLJC,(197304)OO-MOU,(C)
Spotted: EHRD 19780602, xEHRD 19780603, EBZH(1) 19810718
Picture at: EBZH(1) 19810718
OO-LRFCEA Jodel DR1051 Sicilec/n: 511built 1963
History: (196310)F-BLRF,OO-LRF,(200408)F-GVRF,(C)
Spotted: EHRD 19780603, EHRD 19790708
Picture at: EHRD 19780603
OO-MGACEA Jodel DR1051 Sicilec/n: 557built 1964
History: (196404)F-BMGA,(197203)OO-MGA,WFU,partly used in PH-MGA (cn 868)
Spotted: EBZH(1) 19810718
OO-CARCEA Jodel DR1050-M1 Sicile Recordc/n: 605built 1965
History: (196501)OO-CAR(2),(C)
Spotted: EHHV 19760804
OO-NSECEA Jodel DR1051-M1 Sicile Recordc/n: 611built 1965
History: (196502)F-BMPP,(197403)OO-NSE,WFU ca 1980
Spotted: EHRD 19780603
Picture at: EHRD 19780603
F-PYZHSAB Jodel DR1050-M Excellencec/n: 766built 1987
History: (198709)F-PYZH
Spotted: LFPZ 20010113