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This page shows all aircraft I once logged and which I labeled as Beechcraft 33. When a bigger picture is available, shown by , click the image.

HB-EHOBeechcraft 35-A.33 Debonairc/n: CD-132History: OE-DNE,HB-EHO
Spotted: EHRD 19750517
D-ECMYBeechcraft 35-C.33Ac/n: CE- 59History: (196608)D-ECMY
Spotted: EHRD 19780419
D-ECMEBeechcraft 35-C.33A Debonairc/n: CE- 63History: D-ECME
Spotted: EHRD 19751022, EHRD 19780421
Picture at: EHRD 19751022
OO-EODBeechcraft F.33A Bonanzac/n: CE- 291History: N3797A,OO-EOD
Spotted: EHRD 19800106
Picture at: EHRD 19800106
D-EMOXBeechcraft F.33A Bonanzac/n: CE- 875History: (197908)D-EMOX(2)
Spotted: EDRT 20020716
  D-EIZRBeechcraft F.33A Bonanzac/n: CE-1094History: (198611)D-EIZR
Spotted: EDHE 20140620
D-EIZR at EDHE 20140620 | Beechcraft F.33A Bonanza
Picture at: EDHE 20140620
  D-EDHKBeechcraft F.33A Bonanzac/n: CE-1319History: (198808)D-EBHK
Spotted: EHTX 20180804
D-EDHK at EHTX 20180804 | Beechcraft F.33A Bonanza
Picture at: EHTX 20180804
D-ESFRBeechcraft F.33A Bonanzac/n: CE-1535History: (199501)D-EFSR
Spotted: EHRD(1) 20050612
Picture at: EHRD(1) 20050612
PH-CMCBeechcraft F.33A Bonanzac/n: CE-1598History: (199107)PH-CMC
Spotted: EHLE 20060830
PH-BNABeechcraft F.33C Bonanzac/n: CJ-130History: (PH-BNA),N23787,(1978) PH-BNA,>.
Spotted: EHRD 19810213
Picture at: EHRD 19810213
PH-BNBBeechcraft F.33C Bonanzac/n: CJ-131History: PH-BNB
Spotted: EHRD 19790307, EHRD(1) 19790329, EHRD 19790730, Scheveningen 19830611
Picture at: EHRD 19790307
PH-BNCBeechcraft F.33C Bonanzac/n: CJ-132History: PH-BNC
Spotted: Scheveningen 19830611
PH-BNDBeechcraft F.33C Bonanzac/n: CJ-133History: PH-BND
Spotted: EHDL 19780617
PH-BNGBeechcraft F.33C Bonanzac/n: CJ-136History: (78) PH-BNG,>.
Spotted: EHRD(1) 19780818, EHRD(2) 19780818, EHRD 19810422, EHRD 19800913
Picture at: EHRD 19810422
PH-BNHBeechcraft F.33C Bonanzac/n: CJ-137History: PH-BNH
Spotted: EHRD 19780824, EHRD 19790307, to EHVB 19840526
Picture at: EHRD 19790307
PH-BNIBeechcraft F.33C Bonanzac/n: CJ-138History: PH-BNI
Spotted: EHRD 19780927, EHRD(1) 19790329
PH-BNKBeechcraft F.33C Bonanzac/n: CJ-140History: PH-BNK
Spotted: EHRD(1) 19790322, EHRD(1) 20020427, EHRD 20020613
Picture at: EHRD 20020613
PH-BNLBeechcraft F.33C Bonanzac/n: CJ-141History: PH-BNL
Spotted: EHRD(1) 19800228, EHRD 19800913
PH-BNMBeechcraft F.33C Bonanzac/n: CJ-145History: PH-BNM,G-CCON,G-CGON,N133DA
Spotted: EHRD(1) 19800228
Picture at: EHRD(1) 19800228
PH-BNOBeechcraft F.33C Bonanzac/n: CJ-147History: PH-BNO
Spotted: to EHVB 19840526
PH-BNPBeechcraft F.33C Bonanzac/n: CJ-148History: PH-BNP
Spotted: EHRD 19790307
Picture at: EHRD 19790307